Planning a trip to the Sierra Nevada

What to bring

What to eat


Where to go

  • All-year backpacking areas

  • Winter Season (Dec-Apr)

  • Early Season (May-June)

    Snow level is probably the main consideration about planning an early season trip. Snow level will vary from season to season, but the links below will get you a good idea of current conditions versus the previous season (). The graphs below give the Snow Water Content Level over time, the actual snow depth will depend on how much the snow is consolidated and how "wet" the snow was. Typically a good approximation for snow depth is to multipy the Snow Water Content level by 2.0 (early/late season) to 4.0 (mid season). Very few stations provide snow depth as this measurement tends to be unreliable.

    You can also check the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) conditions (the PCT overlaps or is nearby many Sierra trails). Just scroll down to Sections H-L in California.

  • Summer (July-Sept)

  • Late Season (Oct-Nov)

How to get to the trailhead

Road Conditions

Driving Directions

Best resource is the's Driving Directions page. For general directions, Google Maps can be useful.

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