Glacier Rescue Seminar (Hotlum Glacier, Mt. Shasta)

Pictures by Carlos Guestrin

Glacier Travel requires a lot of stuff
A typical pack
How am I going to fit everything in my pack?
At the trailhead
At snowline with a secondary vent of the volcano in the background
Hotlum Glacer (right) and the Summit of Mt. Shasta
The tent of our "fearless" instructors
Shasta Summit
Shasta Summit
The tongue of the glacier
The Hotlum glacier
Glacier Moraines
Walking roped up on the Glacier
On a heavely crevassed area with seracs in the background
Arturo jumping over the crevasse (left with red helmet)
Inside the crevasse
Looking up from inside the crevasse
Crampons of belayer on top of the crevasse
Arturo climbing out of the crevasse
Cool crampons
One of our fearless instructors at the edge of the crevasse
Let me see, how does one get out of crevasse?
Some of us go to the mountains to get away from all, other bring their cell phones along (second plane)
Arturo ice climbing
Arturo ice climbing II

Pictures by Arturo Crespo

At snowline. Low, medium, high.
Tied up next to a huge crevasse. Low, medium, high.
Carlos ice climbing. Low, medium, high.
Arturo's nice crampons. Low, medium, high.